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10 Useful Vocabulary Words

relinquish - voluntarily giving up. Eg: John relinquised some managerial control in exchange for their money.

rejigs - rearrange Eg : Microsoft rejigs its organizational structure.

revamp - giving a new and improved appearance. Eg : Motorola on the revamp.

inducted - recruiting to a post. Eg : Jaya inducted three new ministers.

anointednominating or choosing someone as successor. Eg : Nitish Kumar anoints Jitan Ram Manjhi as Bihar Cheif Minister.

in-tray - issues that require attention and needed to dealt with. Eg : People have added unemployment as a significant problem to the in-tray of their prime minister.

verdict - opinion or judgement. Eg : Public's verdict about Chennai Express movie is very impressive.

quirks - peculiar behavior,moving or twisting one's mouth or eyebrows. Eg : Peter quirks his eyebrows in surprise.


obsession - excessively mind pre-occupied with certain fixed idea,thoughts and emotions. Eg : She is fully obsessed with the thoughts of her lover.

miscreants - a person who does wrong. Eg : Modern cyber miscreants love to steal sensitive datas and passwords.


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