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10 Must Know Vocabulary Words

apprehended - arrested Eg : Police apprehended two extremely intoxicated daytime drivers.

confiscated - seizing with authority. Eg : Government ordered to fine noisy neighbours and confiscate their stereo equipment.

adjourned - postponed to a later time. Eg : The court was adjourned without fixing any future date.

indignant - getting angry at an unfair situation when some wrong has been done to oneself or others Eg : John looked indignant since his best friend had lied him.

indulgence - fulfilling every whims,favor/privilege,liberal treatment,patient attention. Eg : 1.Self-indulgence leads to destruction.2.No indulgence can be offered to borrowers on payment of dues.


bounty - gift,reward given by the government. Eg : I won a bounty from Facebook for finding a critical bug.

pragmatic - dealing things in a practical way. Eg : Banti’s pragmatic approach to life was impressive.

strays - homeless persons and animals. Eg : The stray dogs were seen wandering around in the bus station causing trouble to the commuters.

introspect - examining and analyzing one's own thoughts and feelings. Eg :  Fire investigators will introspect the building thoroughly to determine how the fire started.

clad - dressed,clothed. Eg : Clad in a saree, she went to a birthday party.


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