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10 Common Vocabulary Words

afflicted - affected adversely,suffering. Eg : 1.Our society is afflicted with corruptions and crimes.2.The teens were afflicted with the computer syndrome.

skirting - skipping/avoiding/evading ,around,border,outer edge. Eg : 1.A cycle race on the skirt of the mountain is going to be held on Thursday.2.The interior walls's skirting tiles were broken.

peripheral - not major but secondary things,issues,interests and ideas. Eg : Printer is a peripheral device.

ablaze - glowing fire,bright light,indicating strong emotions like anger,excitement. Eg : 1.The car was set ablaze by rioters.2.His eyes was ablazed with love.

wrangled - dispute,obtained by argument. Eg : After much debate and wrangling, we got justice.

entails - involves. Eg : 1.Marketing job entails tight deadlines.2.Investing in equities entails more risks.

mast - is a tall upright pole in the ship. Eg : The mast standing upright on the ship supports the sails.


ordeal - prolonged unpleasant experience/pain. Eg : 1.Is failure an ordeal?2.Flood in the harvest season is a long ordeal for the farmers.

plague - diseases that spreads(caused by animals),continuous trouble. Eg : The streets are plagued with stray dogs.

rabies - is an infectious disease caused mostly by dogs(animals) and transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected animal. Eg : The commuter bitten by stray dogs were afflicted with rabies.


  1. There was no wrangled among the doctors. They wandering what treatment they would give the patients who were afflicted with rabies and plagued. They didn't want to skirt the gravity of the situation. It was an ordeal for them and they wanted to do their best.
    I can't skirt your posts they entail valuable wordy knowledge. My eyes got ablazed reading them.
    Thank you so much....


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