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Spider Drawing and Facts

Easy Drawing for Kids

Draw a circle.Then put "V" shaped lines to draw the legs of a spider.

Spider Facts

Most people wrongly think spider as an insect.

Fact 1 - Spider is an Arachnid and not an insect.

Fact 2 - Insects usually have three pairs of legs,two antennae and 3 body segments.

Fact 3 - While arachnids(spider) have four pairs of legs,two body segments and two pairs of appendages attached to their heads.

Fact 4 - Spiders spin webs in different shapes and sizes.But not all spiders do spin webs.

Fact 5 - All spiders have fangs which ejects venom(poison).Most spider's venom are harmless to humans except a few.

Fact 6 - The Fear of spider is called  Arachnophobia.

Fact 7 - Female spiders are big in size compare to male.

Fact 8 - Spiders eat spiders and are mostly hunted by lizards,scorpions,snakes and birds.

Fact 9 : Most spiders have 8 eyes.

Facts 10 - Spiders eat pest insects and so don't kill  the spiders in your garden.


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