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Rat - Kids Drawing and Facts

Easy drawings for kids

Drawing helps in brain development.It increases imagination and creativity of a child.First teach kids to draw basic shapes and different types of lines.Then introduce them easy drawings made of basic shapes.

Draw Rat using  rectangle,triangle and lines.

Click the image for enlarged view

rat drawing for kids

Rat Facts for Kids

  1. Rat  has eyes,ears,four legs,tail,whiskers.
  2. Rat has sharp teeth and are specialized in gnawing electrical wire,wood,net etc
  3. Rat has sharp claws.
  4. Rat color - brown,black,white

Teach kids to draw,tell some facts and stories about them.In this way you can introduce new words and can convey more facts to them easily.

I have planned to post easy and simple to draw more drawings for kids.

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