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Queen Drawing For Kids

Easy Drawings for Kids

  1. Write a Big " U " to draw Queen's face.
  2. Draw Queen's crown using zig zag and curved lines.
  3. Sleeping line and standing line to draw Queen's hair
  4. Squiggly lines to decorate Queen's dress.
  5. Using square and triangle,you can draw dress of the queen.

Draw in front of kids.

Drawing is an easy way of teaching.

Ask them questions using this drawing.

  • How many fingers you are going to draw for your queen?
  • Which color frock you want your queen to wear?
  • You want your queen to have long hair or short hair?

queen drawing for kids

Have fun and good learning time with your kids.Click the image for enlarged view

I have planned to post easy and simple to draw more drawings for kids.

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