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Hen Drawing for Kids

Easy drawings for kids

Teach kids to draw Hen.Drawing will be fun to young mind,improves their creative skill.You can also teach kids using drawings.It helps them to understand and remember things easily.

First teach kids to draw basic shapes and different types of lines.Then introduce them easy drawings made of basic shapes.

Easy Hen Drawing and Hen Facts for Kids

Hen Facts for Kids
  1. Hen is a farm bird.
  2. Hen is female.It lays eggs.And its young ones are called as chicks.
  3. Also called as chicken.
  4. Red color crown in hen's head is called comb.
  5. Hen has eyes,ears,beak,and under it wattles,tail feathers,wings,toes with claws.
  6. Hen eats insects,worms,bugs,vegetables,fruits.
Draw Hen using "U" shape curved lines
Click the image for enlarged view

hen drawing for kids
I have planned to post easy and simple to draw more drawings for kids.

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