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Elephant Drawing for Kids

Easy Drawings for Kids

If your kid knows to write the alphabet "C" ,"U" and "O",then don't hesitate,teach them to draw this easy elephant drawing.

Don't expect perfection.Allow them to scribble.Even if they never show interest, you keep on drawing in front of them.While you draw keep on telling,it's very easy,two ovals makes elephant eyes,two "C "s makes ears and " U" can make elephant body.

If you draw 10 times in front of them,they may try once or to your surprise they may start drawing.If they are not interested to hold the pencil,no problem,you don't let your energy down.

You draw and tell them about elephant.It has tail,ears,trunk,tusk and elephant stories.check this to get an idea.Complete facts about Elephants

Teaching kids drawing is not necessarily to make them artist.It has various hidden benefits in the brain development of your child.It increases the thinking ability of your kid.

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I have planned to post easy and simple to draw more drawings for kids.

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