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Quick Facts about Dinosaurs

Facts about Dinosaurs

1.Dinosaurs are extinct animals.They lived long ago on earth for over 150 million years before there were people.

2.Dinosaurs are not fictitious animals.Dinosaurs fossils are the evidence for its life on earth.

3.Dinosaurs are the largest land animals of all the time.

4.The fossils of these reptiles had been founded by paleontologists in all parts of the world.

dinosaur drawing
Dinosaur Drawing for Kids

5.All Dinosaurs are not giant creatures.Dinosaurs lived were in different shapes and sizes from large to tiny.

4.It seems wide variety of dinosaurs had lived on earth.Some had 3 horns,spikes,bony plates,bony armor over the body,all had big tail like other reptiles,some species had long neck like giraffe,razor-sharp teeth,huge jaws,curved claws,all had four legs.Its really dreadful to imagine Dinosaurs and they must ferocious hunters with these types of body structures.

5.Most type of dinosaurs are plant eaters and some are meat eaters.

6.All types of dinosaurs are not ferocious and some species are gentle in nature.

7.Dinosaurs are strictly land dwellers.The could not swim or fly.

8.Dinosaurs lay eggs in nest like some lizards do.

9.Today,we are talking about the shape,features and character of dinosaur which had lived millions of years ago and which we have never seen.Do you know how?The fossil remains(bones)of dinosaurs only helps scientists to learn this much about dinosaurs which we have never seen.

10.Giganotosaurus is the largest flesh-eating dinosaur and it weighs approximately 8 tons.


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