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5 Must-Know Homonyms

Homonyms are words which have same pronunciation but different spelling and meaning.

Ad - an advertisement. Eg: He put an ad in the paper to sell his property.
Add - join (something) to something else so as to increase the size, number, or amount. Eg : Chlorine is added to the water to kill bacteria.


5 Must-Know Homonyms

Faint -  loss of consciousness.Eg : The heat made him feel faint.

Feint - make a deceptive or distracting movement, especially during a fight.
Eg : The attack on the main gate was merely a feint.

Breach - An act of breaking the law.Eg:The breach of law is crime and punishable.

Breech - the back part of a rifle or gun barrel

Antecedence - the act or fact of going before

Eg: Sanusi's antecedence and achievements are there for his lovers and haters to see.

Antecedents - a person's ancestors or family and social backgroundEg: He was an antecedent of my family.

Appraise - assess the value or quality ofEg: His goods were appraised at £3,200

Apprise - inform or tell (someone).Eg:Please apprise me about his arrival.

Flair - stylishness and originality.Eg: He has a flair for Science.

Flare - burn or shine with a sudden intensity,sudden anger.  Eg: The fire could flare up again at any time.


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