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10 Interesting Innovations

1.Valentine Day Special : Surprise your beloved with a personalised stamp featuring their photograph."My Stamp" or personalised stamp was introduced  in May 2013 by Anna Road Post Office,Chennai.

2.ERWIN - Emotional Robot with Intelligent Network

It is the world's first friendliest Robot built by an Indian student in UK,capable of expressing five basic emotions.It understands when we are unhappy,responds to touch and is the perfect companion for the elderly.

3.Scent Rhythm Watch - Developed by Aisen Caro Chacin ,a physical computing lecturer at New School,New York.

This watch lets you know the time of the day by emitting a specially designed fragrances.It emits scents in minute doses and users get a frangrance of coffee in the morning,smell of money in the afternoon,a relaxing whisky in the evening and a soothing chamomile fragrance at night.
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4.The Bio-metric techniques like iris recognition and fingerprint recognition have been used for identification of people.Now Spain Researchers are developing a technique that would allow identification of people through their body odour. Researchers said, Every person has a distinct smell and this will make identification 85% accurate.

5.British scientists has found that higher consumption of yogurt reduces the risk of type II diabetes.

6.Selfie-friendly phones is the need of the hour.

"Selfie"is the Oxford Dictionaries word of the year in 2013.It is the 2013's most popularly used word in social networking.A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph,typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone at arm's length or in a mirror. Selfies,taking self photograph is hot trend.But the quality of Front-facing camera is of poor quality on most major phones.

7. Researchers at Technical University in Berlin, developed a sound- enabled space, called BoomRoom, where you can sift through your messages using sound.For instance,emails and tweets fly around you like a flock of birds, each chirping a subtly different sound that identifies the sender. More urgent messages whizz directly over your head. Touch one and a computer reads it out.

8.Soon,phone's won't need batteries.Scientist are developing a smartphone which could pull energy from the air or power itself through the TV, Wi-Fi signals.

9.A new pocket size syringe called "XStat" developed by Oregon-based RevMedX helps to seal gunshot wounds in 15 seconds.

10.Now you can find a suitable, meaningful, and memorable domain name for your business.

Donuts Inc.,a US based company is launching a hundreds of top-level domains this year.A few TLD'S like .net,.gov,.com etc was alone in use.Donuts offering a wide range of TLD's like .camera,.venture,.guru,.construction,.technology etc.You can register a specific, relevant, domain name endings that identify your business, your industry, or your passion to get a better internet identity for your business.


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  2. Thanks, Yashi ka…It's of great us.

    It's amazing that scientists are developing a smartphone with no battery, I am sick and tired of charging problem.
    I read about selfie mania - some people always think, how they look and what other think about their profile photos , and it affects their personality.
    Love yourself is good but the excess of it spoils the happiness of life.

    And liked other innovation information too, innovation reduce the physical efforts what we make in daily life, it has its drawbacks as well (mental stress, etc.)
    Thanks for sharing… have a nice day.

  3. It's innovations in the last paragraph.


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