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8 Must-Know Interesting News

1.Good News for diabetic patients.Soon Be ready to bid bye bye to daily painful injections.Indian scientists have developed a insulin pill to use instead of painful daily shots.They have founded ways to shield insulin from the digestive enzymes and get it directly into the bloodstream.

2.Recently Google has announced that wearers of Google Glass can now capture a picture with just a simple wink of the eye.

3.British Scientists has developed the world's first smart bra to curb emotionally-triggered over-eating in women.It monitors heart and skin activity,read the mood and informs the wearer when "emotional eating" is most likely to occur.
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4.For Twitter users - Soon Twitter plans to add a "Edit Tweet" function to enable users to edit tweets after they are published.

5."Pizoelectric printer" help to find cure for human blindness.British Scientists have developed an inkjet printer to print eye cells(found in retina)for treating people suffering from retinal damage.

6.Surprising !!!!!!!!!!! British Medical Journal published ,one in 200 US women became pregnant and claims to have given birth without having sex"

7.The Bank of England announced that next $5 and $10 banknotes will be printed on polymer,a thin plastic film featuring Sir Winston Churchill and Jane Austen from 2016.

8.Soon Goodbye to windshield wipers in Cars.The McLaren Group,Britain's most advance automobile company is planning to dispose wiper with new technology which uses high frequency sound waves similar to those used by doctors to scan unborn babies.It creates vibrations to shake off water and other debris from the car windscreen and also helps to improve car's fuel economy.


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