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Stronger, Healthier and a more Immune India

Build a Stronger, Healthier and a more Immune India

Kids form our world, define our future.They are the reflection of our nation's health and progress.It is our duty to provide a healthy environment and teach healthy habits to develop them as a healthier and stronger individuals.

Awareness about Health topics    ---> Healthy habits ---> Healthy Environment ---> 
 (Health Education)                         (Personal hygiene)            (Environment hygiene)

Stronger Immune System  --- >  Protects against Germs and Infections    
 (Healthy food habits and
daily physical activity)  

---> Stronger,Healthier and More Immune India
Role of Parents and Teachers is very important to build a Stronger, Healthier and More Immune India

Health Education to everyone is very important.An awareness about healthy habits alone can build a stronger and healthier India.

1.Both parents and teachers must educate,guide and  help children to develop healthy habits.

2.Must teach children about the importance of doing daily physical activity and must tell them how it helps to build stronger and healthier body. Parents and teachers must be a role model and initiate children to stay physically active.

3.Children must be educated about why our body needs food and benefits of eating healthy foods which gives super energy and makes our body stronger.Nutrients-rich fruits and vegetables helps to grow healthier.Tell them eating more healthy foods gives more energy to run and play, to learn quickly and to grow stronger and taller.Make them understand healthy life is possible only by following healthy diet.You with your children take five servings of different fruits and vegetables to get enough nutrients needed for the day.

Foods with lot of sugar,fat and salt should be avoided from our regular routine.While eating ice-cream,chips and cookies,keep warning about its danger.Parents must be the model and teacher must be a guide for developing right healthy food habits.

4.Must teach cleanliness to kids which is very important for disease prevention and for staying healthier.Washing and keeping the hands clean,brushing the teeth properly and keeping nails,hair and your body clean is very important for good health.Personal hygiene must taught to kids from young age. Keep your kids informed about how personal hygiene promotes own health and how unhygienic habits spread diseases.

5.Keep your surroundings,home or work place clean.Your kids follows your way automatically.Caution them - public urination,garbage disposal,human and animal feces,sewage waste water all carry germs and can transit diseases.

6. Drink boiled water.Don't eat food and water kept in open.Keyboard,TV remote and Touchscreen mobiles and touching things in public places like train,bus can very easily spread infections.Our hand plays a main role in spreading diseases.Make them understand the importance of keeping hands clean.

7.Must educate children about drainage and rain water logging,dirt and garbage,human and animal feces and about insects in it which carry diseases.Saliva,through blood cut infections can get spread.Then while coughing or sneezing,the droplets of water from it and through air, infections can spread.So teach them to use tissues and about their proper disposal to control the spread of diseases.

8.Teaching cleanliness from early age helps to develop  a socially responsible person with traits like personal hygiene and environment hygiene.Developing these qualities in kids helps to build a disease free healthier India.

9.Enough sleep time is more important for children to grow healthier.Following healthy habits arrests the spread the diseases and makes our country healthier.

10.The Immune System in children is still developing,they have lower immunity than adults and so can fall easily sick and get affected by millions of germs.

11.Protecting ourselves from germs is very important to live a disease free healthier life.Our Immune system must be good to protect from germs and stay healthy.

12.A body build with a stronger immune system alone can safeguard against millions of germs surrounding us.As a mother,we must breast feed babies to boost their immunity system.Feed healthy fruits and vegetables,provide  foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids to boost immunity,and give healthy tonic like Dabur Chyawanprash twice per day for boosting three times more immunity.
four flavors of Chyawanprash

Chyawanprash contains various Ayurvedic ingredients that helps to protect against infections, and provides nutrition and energy. It has anti-oxidant properties which helps to strengthen body's internal defence mechanism  by increasing your Natural Killer Cells three folds and thereby protects from day to day infections such as cough, cold etc.

Recent scientific studies conducted on Dabur Chyawanprash have proven its immunomodulatory and anti-allergic potential.

Eat Chyawanprash,
Build stronger Immune Sytem,
Say bye bye to illness,cough,cold 
and Stay stronger and healthier.To know more

13.Must be immunized against diseases through vaccination.

14.In short following healthy habits,eating healthy foods,doing daily physical activity,awareness about protection against germs,regular medical check-up all together helps to build a stronger,healthier and more Immune India.


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