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Google's New Android Device Manager

Find Your Android - With Google's Android Device Manager you can track your lost phone
If you lose your Android device associated with your Google Account, you can use Google's Android Device Manager to remotely locate and factory reset your phone or tablet.
When your device is located, its approximate location is indicated by a blue circle on the map. The device manager also displays the name of the place where the device is located, the time it was located, and when it was last used.

If you have misplaced your phone somewhere around at workplace or home,you can easily locate it with Android Device Manager.It helps to ring your device at full volume for 5 minutes - even if it’s set to silent or vibrate.

If your phone is lost,you can perform a factory reset, which permanently deletes all of your data and keeps you safe from the stranger.

Sign in to your Google Account on And Turn on Android Device Manager to enabe this function.Note:Android Device Manager won’t work for devices that are offline or powered off.

 Google's Android Device Manager is absolutely free and a worth to use for every Android User.



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