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Inspiring Love Letter

It hurts a lot when you are not paying attention to my feelings.It is really disheartening to accept the truth that you don't love me.

Sun rises every day and I was happy that you are with me every day.
Many things happened between you and love got broken and disappeared suddenly.

Enjoying the sunrise in love , I forgot about the fact of sunset.

My love now may not be needed for you.Painful that you are rejecting me after my many attempts.

darkness will go...

one day my feelings will be reciprocated..sunrises time alone matters.

waiting for the sunrise..

Every day sun have to set..but see days will come and 

you will love me like every fresh day starts .......

all 24*7 hrs days months and all my life..

you will love me and our love have no sunset..

nothing can broke my love and separates you from me.

I know I m crazy and all my dreams are not realistic.

negative thoughts kills life

positive thoughts keep me moving...

I love you


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