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20 Popular Number Idioms

1.all in one breath

- spoken rapidly while one is very excited

2.once in a blue moon

- it happens very rarely sixes and sevens

- in a state of confusion the eleventh hour

- at the last possible moment

5.dressed to the nines

- to be dressed in one's best clothes

6.eleventh-hour decision

- a decision that is made at the last possible minute

7.Feel/Look like a million bucks/dollars

- to feel great/good, to feel well and healthy. one fell swoop

- in one incident, as one event
NUMBER IDIOMS takes two to tango

- if a problem or an argument involve two people then both people are responsible for the problem

10.kill two birds with one stone

- to achieve two aims with one effort or action

11.million miles away

- to not be paying attention to something, to be distracted and daydreaming about something

12.nine-day wonder

- someone or something who briefly attracts a lot of attention

13.nine-to-five attitude

- an attitude towards work where you do not do anything beyond the minimum that is required of you

14.not give two hoots about 

- to not care about someone or something

15.on cloud nine

- very happy about something jump ahead of 

- one step in advance of someone or something in a million

- they're an exceptionally good person man's meat is another man's poison

- something that one person likes may not be liked by another person person's trash is another person's treasure

- something that one person considers of no value may be considered valuable by somebody else

20.seventh heaven

- a situation of great happiness


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