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We Chat - Way to Stay Alive

 I am glad to share with you the chit chat I had with my friends while we planned a trip to Goa. I also like to share my mind voice[inner voice] that 
happened during the conversation. Actually it was WE Chat that brought all of us together.
  Currently Diya stays at Bangalore.I am still struck at Mumbai only with memories of my friends. Though we had all the facilities we were not able to converse like before due to lack of time. I decided to set out to some place to meet all my buddies. Always it was We chat that brought us together so I decided to invite all my buddies for a conference chat. Starting with Diya 

Rajeev : Hey Diya ... 
Rajeev : Are you there?

Mind Voice : drifting to my thoughts how I came to know Diya, the girl who lived a 3km away from where I do. You would be wondering how I would have become 
her friend. It started with this 'Look Around' feature of We Chat. That was a boring afternoon as usual was surfing the net when I came across this WE Chat app. The title made me eager to have a go through what was special with this chatting application. That instance I downloaded it, which I would say brought back my good old college days.
Diya and I have never known before and it was this 'Look Around Feature' in We chat which show all our neighbours and people around close proximity ;
 of course we could stay away if we wanted too, we have the privacy options available. As I mentioned earlier it was a boring day so I decided to enlighten 
 myself by knowing the whereabouts of my neighbour where I came across Diya. She's an interesting girl with different ideologies and would say a fun to hang
 with. Instantly we became friends. As we all know the universal thumb rule it was always the guys who have to give the call and I don't blame the girls for this, no offence girls. It was again WE Chat which came to my rescue; With Live Chat feature I could speak hours together without spending a penny. 
we chat
BuZZ BuZZ [Cell Phone tone] Diya : Hey Rajeev .. sorry yaar just now saw your msg.. Rajeev: Sleepy head woke up at last ..... :P Diya: Ah!! as if I would sleep so early ... Rajeev : Then wat took you so long [Angry Smiley] Diya: Hey sorry yaar .. It's the usual stuff.. things I do before going to bed. Ironing things for morning office.. Diya: How it going tiger... Rajeev: Yeah somewat okay.. not bad .. wat about there? Diya:Cool. It's nice .. but I still miss u people.. Diya : You seems to pretty dull.. Wat happened.. Any heart Broken .. Rajeev : Come on if met any.. You people would be the first to know.. Diya: I know .. then still, wats bothering u .. Rajeev: Wat are your plans for this Dasara... Diya: Nothing so far.. Diay: Hey wait a sec... You seem to have something in mind .. come on say that... MeanWhile Raghav Messaging to Rajeev... Raghav: Hi Rajeev... wat cha doing.. Rajeev: hey Raghav.. long time no seee.. Rajeev: Which country are u at now... Raghav : Suprise.. am in India ... near Kanyakumari.. Came for an archaelogical research.... Rajeev: Wow .. thats real good long are you planning to be here... Raghav: Next 6 months.. buddy plan your days wanna meet u ppl.. r i'll kill you.. you know me... Rajeev in great joy hearing he could meet with Raghav Mind Voice: Raghav .. the archaelogical researcher.. rather i would say a art maniac..I came to know about him in a really interesting way. Drift bottle fetaure of We Chat. I threw a bottle with wordings 'Stegnography rocks' after going through how secrets are passsed from generations. I got back a reply from none other than Mr. art Manic[Raghav] from Singapore. At first I felt different, later we both became very good friends and I introduced him to my buddies Diya, Sukesh and Sulekha. Suddenly remembered Oh god .. Forgot to reply Diya... Diya: Hellooooo.............. Am waiting .. where did u run off............. Diya: Speak Idiot . where did you go..[sent as Voice Mesage another awesome feature of We chat] Rajeev: Hello.. Miss .. Sorry for delay..[Voice Message] Rajeev : Hey .. was chatting with Raghav.. you wont believe your ears if you hear this Rajeev: Raghav is in India [Voice message] Diay : Wow .. is that true .. is he in India.. Rajeev : Let me conference him .. Diya: Hey Raghav.. wat a suprise.. how are you...??? Raghav:Hi Diya.. am good.. how are you doing my Segnorita... Diya: Am good.. how long will you be here.. Raghav : 6months.. looknig forward to meeting u all.. no excuses my lady.. Diya: Ah .. Rajeev is that y u were asking about my plan for dasara.. Raghav: Hey wat plan are u two speaking about .. Diya: Hey Rajeev .. tell us wat u have in mind .. Diya: @Raghav-Am not sure either about the plan Raghav: Arey Yaar.. where did you go away.. dont say me you slept.. Rajeev in conversation with Sukesh and Sulekha his buddies from school which he did in trivandaram.. Mind Voice: Long after entering the college lost connection with the two of them. With We Chat got a message from both of them the same day..Hi dude was the first message from Sukesh and hey remember me was Sulekha's first message .. Good old memories.. Rajeev : using the LiveChat and inviting Sulekha and Sukesh for audio chat.... Sulekha: Accepts the Chat invitation and says.. How are you Tiger... Sukesh: Hey are you.. Rajeev : Doing good guys .. how about u two.. Sukesh: Am doing great .. Sulekha: Doing great.. wats that great .. roming in the streets.. wat were u doing yesterday near LakeView street idiot.. Rajeev:Hey sukesh. thats were Sara lives right.. Sulekha: Hey there you go Mr. Memory... n Rajjev: Basic rule never forget a girls house... Sulekha: Ah .... you both .. Sukesh: Ignore Kar Ignore Kar...yep sharp as always tiger..First love never parts that easily .. does it.. Sukesh:Hey.. SAra is off your limits.. keep that in ming man... Rajeev: Yeah yeah .. i know.. Then how is our other School Cuties doing.. Sulekha:Excuse me .. Cant u two speak off something other than girls... Rajeev: Come on Sulekha .. Sukesh: Hey Rajeev .. speak about Mr.Perfect she'll listen mesmerized.. Sulekha: Sukesh that's it... One more word .. I'll kill you.. Sukesh : Heeeee Heee... Rajeev : hey .. bony heads .. fight later.. Rajeev: Forget to mention why i called in the first place.. Raghav is in India Sukesh: Wow.. thats great news.. buddy make arrangement we are meeting him this time... Sulekha: I too wanna come.. but my mom she wont let me...goddddddddd Rajeev : We have Miss Diya .. for rescue.. Sulekha: Ah .. tat's right .. Will ask Diya to speak to mom... Sukesh: Where are we meeting him... Rajeev: How about we all meet at Manali or Goa.. Sukesh: Goa should be the ideal choice.. Sulekha: Mr.jewel i know y Goa.. nothing doing only Manali... Sukesh: I was thinking about the beaches ... that's it.... Rajeev:Sukesh she is better at understanding us leave it use hiding... Sukesh: hmmm... Sulekha: Hey lets us invite Diya and Raghav to join the call... Sukesh: Hey Why dont we use the Video Conferencing.. Rajeev : Thats right... Rajeev: Sorry Guys.. to Diya and Raghav... Rajeev:Invitation For video Chat... Diya:Accepted. Raghav:Accepted. Rajeev:Hey guys hold on a sec.. I'll pull Sukesh and Sulekha too.. Diya: Wow .. that sounds as lot of fun... Raghav:Yep.. thats right..reunion of our WE Chat Stay Alive Goup. Sukesh:Hey Raghav... dude wat a suprise... Sulekha:Hi Diya.. Hi Raghav.. Raghav:Hey Sulekha.. Hi Sukesh.. How are you both doing.. Diya:Hey habdsome.. Sukesh:Hi beuty.. Rajeev: Hansome.. beauty.. hee hee.. Raghav: No one else would say that .. Sulekha : Agreed.. hee hee Rajeev:Guys ..listen .. All free this dasara.. Chorus: Yes Rajeev........... Rajeev: How about we plan a trip to Manali.. Diya:Sounds Fun.. Raghav:Thats awesome.. Sulekha: Diya.. need a favour.. Sukesh:Am waiting.. I'll take care of the boarding.. Father knows people there.. Diya: Have to speak to aunty right..Sulekha.. Sulekha:Yep.. your a life saver.. Rajeev :I'll book the tickets.. Raghav:Leave the places of visit to me.... Diya:There is no better perosn than u for this.. Diya:Guys .. it's late .. good nighht...Let me know the date and the palce of a meeting later,, Sulekha:Same yaar.. take care you ppl...Be in touch Rajeev:Okay guys .. we'll make the arrangements and let the girls know about that.. Sukesh:Sounds like a nice plan.. Raghav:Yep..okay then see you guys. have fun.. Rajeev:You too .. be tc.. Sukesh : Yeah bye tc... We Chat - Way to Stay Alive.More details Visit WeChat's Youtube channel.

This article was written by Vishnu Vikas.K


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