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25 Mostly searched "study of" words

The ending ology suggests the study/science of something, 

1.The study of sleep is called Somnology.
2.The study of Insects is called Entomology.
3.The study of Dreams is called Oneirology.
4.The study of the weather and the atmosphere is called Meteorology.
5.The study of fishes is called Ichthyology.
6.The study of soil is called Pedology.
7.The study of dinosaurs is called dinosaurology.
8.The study of birds is called Ornithology.
9.The study of animals is called Zoology.
study of ology words
10.The study of ants is called Myrmecology.
11.The study of the origins of words is called Etymology.
12.The study of life and living organisms is called Biology.
13.The study of humans is called Anthropology.
14.The study of Earth is called Geology.
15.The study of popular culture is called POPOLOGY.
16.The study of bones is called Osteology.
17.The study of bees is called Apiology.
18.The study of teeth is called Odontology.
19.The study of snakes is called ophiology.
20.The study of whales is called Cetology.
21.The study of anime is called Animeology.
22.The study of God is called Theology.
23.The study of death is called Thanatology.
24.The study of rocks is called Petrology.
25.The study of metals is called Metallurgy .

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