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Ology Suffix words starting with B

What is Ology?

  "Ology" means "study of"

The following is the list of words starting with 'B' and ending with the term 'ology' and their fields of study.

  1. Bacteriology, the study of bacteria
  2. Balneology, the scientific study of baths, bathing and of their application to disease
  3. Barology The science of gravity or weight.
  4. Batology, the study of brambles
  5. Bibliology, the study of books, printing, and publishing; also called Bibliography
  6. Bioclimatology, the study of the effects of climate on living organisms
  7. Biogeomorphology, or ecogeomorphology, the study of interactions between organisms and geomorphological processes.
  8. Bioecology, the study of the relationship of organisms to each other and to their environment
    Ology Suffix words starting with B
  9. Biology, the study of life
  10. Biometeorology, the study of the effects of atmospheric conditions on living organisms
  11. Biotechnology industrial use of living organisms or their components to improve human health and food reduction
  12. Blogology,the science of blogging
  13. Boxology is the study of schematic layouts, for example of corporate org charts.
  14.  Bromatology,the study of food
  15. Brontology,the study of thunder.
  16. Bryology,The study of mosses and liverworts
  17. Bryozoology|, the study of the phylum Bryozoa
  18. Buddhology, the study of the nature of Buddha
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