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Ology List C

The suffix 'Ology' denotes the "study of" something.The following is the list of words starting with 'C' and ending with the term 'ology' and their fields of study.

  1. Caliology,the study of bird's nests.
  2. Campanology, the study and the art of bell ringing
  3. Cardiology, the study of the heart
  4. Caricology,the study of sedges
  5. Cariology, the study of cells
  6. Cereology, the study of crop circles
  7. Carpology,the study of the structure of seeds and fruit.
  8. Cartology is correlated to cartography (the science of maps)
  9. Cetology, the study of cetaceans - whales, dolphins, and porpoise
  10. Characterology, the study of character
  11. Chaology,the study of chaos theory
  12. Chirology,the study of hands(palmistry).Telling fortunes by seeing lines on the palm of the hand
    Caliology,the study of bird's nests.
  13. Christology,  the theological study of the person and deeds of Jesus
  14. choledology,a treatise on the bile and bilary organs.
  15. Chorology, the study of the relationship of biological or other phenomena to their locations
  16. Chronology the study of things in order of time or the study of time
  17. Climatology, the study of the climate
  18. Codicology, the study of the preparation of books and manuscripts (ink, paper, vellum etc)
  19. Coleopterology, the study of beetles
  20. Coniology, the study of dust in the atmosphere and its effects on plants and animals, also spelled "koniology"
  21. Conchology, the study of shells and of molluscs
  22. Contrology|, a neologism for the Pilates method, a system of physical exercise
  23. Cosmology, the study of the cosmos or Universe
  24. Cosmetology, the study of cosmetics and their use
  25. Craniology, the study of the characteristics of the skull
  26. Criminology, the scientific study of crime
  27. Cryobiology,the study of the effects of very low temperatures on living organisms.
  28. Cryology, the study of very low temperatures and related phenomena.
  29. Cryptology, the study of how to encrypt and decrypt secret messages
  30. Cryptozoology, the study of animals that may or may not be mythical
  31. Ctetology,the branch of biology that studies the origin and development of acquired characteristics. 
  32. Cynology, the study of dogs
  33. Cytomorphology, the study of the structure of cells
  34. Cytology, the study of cells
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