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Let's unite and stop violence against women

1.If a violence occurs in a public place,everyone must join hand together and render support and assistance to the victims of violence.In general,if the victim belongs to our family,friends or relation we are involving in it.
We must change our attitude.If a violence occur,people around there must involve themselves,if possible individually or collectively to stop that violence.

All must work unitedly as a single family to stop violence against women.This kind of collective action will create fear and reduces violence against women in public place.

Everybody must help the victim as her brother and sister.

If a group of people are involved in violence,its not possible for a individual all time to render help individually as his safety is also involved.

Even if a woman is out alone without her family,any misbehavior to her will be questioned by brothers and sisters around her.
violence against women

This kind of collective action will creates fear and  misbehavior in public places will also reduces.

2.Adult movies,jokes and all adult stuffs  is the root cause for all violence against women.If adult age occurs,things will happen and automatically generation develops.Why all this unnecessary entertainments?

For healthy generation to develop and to stop violence against women,this kind of stuffs must be banned.

Adult stuffs makes people lose their humanity and also turns them as animals.

In simple words,it spoils society altogether.

3.Women and men are equal.We must brought up our children with this thought.Disrespect to women can be   slowly reduced if we follow this in our family.


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