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How to instantly boost your energy?

  1. Drink Water -  When you feel fatigue , drink water sufficiently. It helps to boost your energy, stamina and memory. Dehydration is one of the main cause of fatigue.So drink water atleast for every 2 hours to keep yourself hydrated all day long.When you drink more water, oxygen levels in your bloodstream will increase, leading to better circulation and the good blood flow helps to increase your energy levels.
  2. Eat Fruits,Vegetables and Nuts - If you feel sluggish,munch fruits and vegetables like banana,grapes,carrot,water melon,beetroot,almonds,cashews and other dry fruits,Kiwi, and pumpkin seeds.Vitamin C rich citrus fruits like lemon juice also you can try.They all are natural quick energy boosters.
  3.  Green Tea and dark chocolates - Instant energy boosters.
  4. Go Crazy - Watch funny videos or read jokes,listen to music,dance,stretch out your hands,laugh aloud,do painting,play games or anything you like.Stand in front of the mirror and praise yourself.
  5. Take a deep breathe-Inhale through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.Repeatedly do this when you are tired.You will feel good.
  6. Take a break - Rest your body flat on the floor,close your eyes,calm down and relax in a silent place.Finally full stretch your hands up and legs down before coming to sitting position.
  7. S+X - Having +EX is also one of the best way to boost your energy instantly. 
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