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Cool Weekend Party

Party arrangements will be made in the upstairs of my home.
I will invite my friends and their families.
Saturday Evening I will organize as it will be good for everyone to take rest on Sunday.
Bringing smile and happiness in the face of my guests is my idea.

Gifts make everyone happy.So I will give gifts and make everyone happy.
Then  now a days lack of time is everyone's problem.So I will organize crazy events for kids and couples which makes everyone spent time together with fun and bring happiness and smile in everyone's face.

In my upstairs I have a garden like set up.I will decorate them with lights to sparkle.With dance,music,fun games and chit chat I will plan to entertain.
I will play the background music according to the event.
I will arrange a small stage.I will give crazy gifts like hat,ball for kids.Holding their accessories I will ask them to show funny faces and even they can dance,sing or share any fun in the stage.I will arrange for videos and photos.

boy wearing funny hat showing funny face

I will receive my guest by giving garlands and turban.Garlands for women and turban for men.
men wearing turban

flower garlands

I will ask the couples to put the accessories for their partner and walk on the stage.Like funny face,this also I will click and gift them at the end of the party.

I will give them crazy stickers,lipsticks,powder,hair clips and other beauty accessories.Couples must broom each other.The most crazy looking couples will be announced as the most crazy couples of my party.

For kids I will keep fun games like blowing balloons,ball collecting,and I will give them color paints to paint each other crazily.
I will also ask children to hang balloons to bring more pleasant look to my party.

Initially I will serve snacks,sweet and tea.

Tea,moong dal sprout sundal
popcorn,biscuits,chocolates I will arrange as kids are also coming
Hot mango chutney and samosa
Hazoori petha halwa

 halwa poster

For dinner:

Tomato soup,Fruit salad,Mughlai Paneer,Vegetabe biryani,rotis,Dal Bukhara,Jodhpuri moong Dal Halwa and Ice Creams.

Fruit carvings to attract children to eat I will keep.

fruit carving

I will relay the recorded funny videos of the events during dinner.I will include some other funny videos from my collection to bring more fun.

Finally I will give a thank you card with their photos inside.

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