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5 Must-know Facts about Clouds

Clouds are made up of condensed water or ice.It is a large accumulation of tiny water droplets or ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere.

1.Why clouds are in white color?

The tiny droplets of water are tightly packed inside the clouds.The sunlight hits on it and their mixed reflection  makes clouds appear to our eyes as white.Clouds color varies(like red) depending on the reflection of light.

white clouds

2.Why clouds are in dark color when it is about to rain?

The cloud gets darkens when it is about to rain because the droplets of water become large and scattered.So less light is only reflected them.This makes clouds appear to our eyes as dark.

dark clouds

3.How are clouds formed?

Clouds are usually formed through condensation. When the air rises, it will get cool at a certain point called dew point.At that point condensation occurs,as the air will be unable to hold anymore water .

4.Three main types of clouds.

1.Cirrus - thin high altitude clouds forms fair weather and their shape often indicates the direction the wind is blowing high in the atmosphere.  
2.Stratus(blanket the sky) - mid-level clouds found up to an elevation of about 2000 meters above the earth.This type of clouds forms light snow or drizzle.
3.Cumulus - large clouds with flat bottom and fluffy tops indicates heavy rain or snow depending on their height and size.

Clouds can be described as fluffy,curly,lumpy,wispy,and stringy.Clouds don't have fixed shape,color or volume.It can carry billions of tons of water.

5.Does clouds determines the kind of weather?


Type of clouds,their height in the atmosphere and shape determines the kind of weather they produce.


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