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5 Best Novels of Nobel Prize Winners

1.Rudyard Kipling 1907 Nobel Prize Winner, British short-story writer, novelist, poet
Kim Kipling's best novel

2.Henryk Sienkiewicz Epic writer, 1905 Nobel Laureate in Literature
Quo Vadis One of the Sienkiewicz's best known historical novels 

3.Rabindranath Tagore Indian poet, philosopher, 1913 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature from India
Home and the World, The One of Tagore's best novels

4.Sinclair Lewis American novelist, satirist, playwright, 1930 Nobel Laureate in Literature
Main Street One of the Sinclair Lewis' best known novels

5.Bertrand Russell A great philosopher, 1950 Nobel Laureate in Literature
Analysis of Mind, The one of Russell's most popular works

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