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1.Binge - If you binge,you do too much of eating.The word is used to refer eating disorder.
  • I binged on pizzas and milkshakes.
2.Bite - If you bite something,you use your teeth to cut into it,for example in order to eat it or break it.
  • He bit into his sandwich.
3.Chew - If you chew something,you bite it until it is completely crushed or soft using your jaws and teeth for making it easier to swallow.
  • One girl was chewing gum.
4.Swallow - If you swallow something,you cause it to go from your mouth down into your stomach.
  • You are asked to swallow a capsule containing Vitamin B.
5.Munch - If you munch food,you eat it by chewing it slowly,thoroughly,and rather noisily.
  • Peter munched the chicken sandwiches.
6.Eat - When you eat something,you put it into your mouth,chew it,and swallow it.
  • She was eating a sandwich.
7.Feast - If you feast on a particular food,you eat a large amount of food with great enjoyment.
  • They feasted well into the afternoon on mutton and corn stew.
8.Gobble - If you gobble food,you eat it quickly and greedily.
  • Peter gobbled all the beef stew.
9.Guzzle - to drink, or sometimes eat, greedily or excessively.
  • The boys guzzled the cheap wine.
10.Drink - When you drink a liquid,you take it into your mouth and swallow it.
  • He drank his cup of tea.
11.Lick - When people lick something,they move their tongue across its surface.
  • Licking fingers after/while eating is disgusting.
12.Suck - If you suck something,you hold it in your mouth and pull it with the muscles in your cheeks and tongue,for example in order to get liquid out of it.
  • Peter sucked Sarah's lollipop.
  • A couples were sucking on a mango juice together.
12.Sip - If you sip a drink,you drink by taking just a small amount at a time.
  • Peter sipped his tea thoughtfully.
13.Gulp/Gulp down - If you gulp something,you eat or drink it very quickly by swallowing large quantities of it at once.
  • She quickly gulped her tea.
14.Wolf / Wolf down - If someone wolfs their food,they eat it all very quickly and greedily.
  • He wolfed down the rest of biscuit and cheese.
15.Nibble - If you nibble food,you eat it by biting small pieces of it,for example because you are not very hungry.
  • He started to nibble his biscuit.
16.Taste - If you taste some food or drink,you try a small amount of it in order to see what the flavour is like.

  • We tasted the white wine which he brought.
17.Spit - If you spit liquid or food somewhere,you force a small amount of it out of your mouth.

  • Spit out that gum and pay attention.

18.Vomit - If you vomit,food and drink comes back up from your stomach and out through your mouth.

  • Any product made from cow's milk made him vomit.
19.Gargle - If you gargle,you wash your mouth and throat by filling your mouth with a liquid,tipping your head back and using your throat to blow bubbles through the liquid and finally spitting it.
  • Try gargling with salt water as soon as a cough begins.
20.Rinse - If you rinse your mouth,you wash it by filling your mouth with water or liquid that kills germs,then spitting it out.
  • You should rinse your mouth after eating.

21.Chug - Consume (a drink) in large gulps without pausing.

  • Chug your beer and let's start the party.
22.Nurse a drink -  Idioms & Phrases

Consume a drink slowly, especially in order to conserve it. 

  •  He nursed one drink for the whole evening 


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