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Poor Oral health sucks overall health

Rahul and Banti were neighbours. Both friends studied in the same school.They were toppers in their class. Rahul was hygienic and always regular and routine.But Banti was lazy.He always ignores and escapes from his work.

Rahul brushes his teeth daily.But Bunti brushes only when his mother watches him.He ignores brushing teeth if his mother was not around.

One day Rahul came to Banti's home. Banti's mother gave chocolates to both of them. Rahul and Banti happily ate chocolates. Rahul washes his mouth after eating chocolates.But Banti ignored and hurried outside to play. Banti's mother adviced him  to wash his mouth like Rahul. But Banti ignored her advice and left home.

Rahul also adviced his friend.But Banti was careless and never listened anyone.

His mother warned him manytimes to be clean.But Banti refuses to rinse his mouth after eating food.

As he grows, Banti started eating chocolates daily.His mother adviced him not to eat sugar products daily and spoil teeth.But Banti never cared to listen her.He demanded and ate sugar products like ice creams and chocolates daily.

One day when Banti brushed his teeth,he found blood in his gums.His mother asked him to show his mouth.

She also planned to take Banti for dental check up.But Bunt denied to go with his mother.

Again she pleaded and told Banti that blood in gums should be treated immediately. But Banti was lazy.He doesn't want to go.So to escape from his mother, Banti lied that he had no bleeding while brushing.

Banti's mother was very much worried.So Banti finally accepted to take dental check up after his exams. 

Banti prepared sincerely for his exams and school day celebrations but were careless about his health.

Days and months  passed.Finally exam dates were announced. Both friends got busy in their studies.But suddenly one day Banti got absent to school. 

Rahul went Banti's home to see him. Banti got tooth pain,fever and his gums got swollen and red severely. Rahul asked his friend Banti to take care of his health and left Banti's home.

At the time of check up, Banti came to know that since he had ignored the warning signs and left untreated his bleeding gums,he is in more trouble. Banti regretted for not scheduling an earlier appointment with dentist.Because of his ill health,he were not able to attend exams or participate in school celebrations. Banti worried as all his preparations went useless.He understood how much important it is to pay attention to  the warning sign given by one's own body.He also understood how big mistake he did by ignoring the warning of his own mother and friend to be clean.

Rahul attended exams.He participated and enjoyed school day celebrations.After completing exams,
 Rahul came to see Banti. Rahul told Banti about celebrations and exams that happened in school.

After Rahul went, Banti felt that since Rahul is hygienic and regular in his work,he had no heath problems.

Banti regretted for his mistakes.He felt sad for missing exams and celebrations with friends. 

Banti worried for not listening to his friend's or mother advice.He again and again regretted as he himself increased the severity of the problem by ignoring the warning signs.

Finally Banti learnt the lesson that one musn't ignore the warning signs of one's own body.He also learned that one must listen and obey mother's words.

Moral: Ignoring the warning signs will increase the severity of the disease.

     Banti got recovered from fever and started going to school.                        

Then Banti  created awareness about Gum Disease and importance of Oral Hygiene among his friends.

  1.  Poor oral hygiene develops gum disease,tooth decay,cavity,tooth and bone loss around your teeth.
  2. One must reduce eating sugar products like candy and ice creams.Eating stuffs sticked to teeth must be reduced.Poor diet also causes gum disease.So we must eat more fruits and veggies.
  3. It is very important to take care of teeth like our other body parts.Oral health is more important for our overall health.
  4. One musn't ignore the warning signs which your body shows.Red&swollen,bleeding gums and receding gums are the warning signs of gum diseases.If left untreated,gum disease may contribute to the progression of other diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.
  5. If you notice bleeding while brushing  or when eating certain foods, you should schedule a dental check up  immediately.

How to care your teeth?
Colgate® Total® Pro Gum Health toothpaste

  • Brush every day after every meal and before bedtime.
  • Rinse the mouth after eating any food, snacks or drinks.Some dentists also recommend daily mouth rinses containing fluoride.
  • Brush with a toothpaste that contains fluoride.Colgate Total Pro Gum Health toothpaste helps to reverse gum problems in four weeks.It helps eliminate the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease whilst it also help prevent tooth decay with its 1,450 ppm fluoride content.
  • Regular dental check up is very essential to keep your mouth healthy.
Don't ignore the warning signs which your body shows.Don't ignore your mother's words.Visit My Healthy Speak Blog.

Thank You Friends.


  1. A very good one..... Authentic collection of important points..... Best of luck for the contest....


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