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Mother's Love is Unconditional

My mother's love for me is unconditional.She always tries to give the best things for me in life.

When I want to see the outside world , she gave me birth
When I tried to stand and walk , she helped me
When I tried to speak,she teaches me

My mother has some power to understand what I want in every stage of life.Before I ask or I know to speak,  she has the power of understanding my needs.

She gave all her love,help and support for me to live in the new world.

She gave me this life and introduced me this beautiful world.She is the soul who understood and fulfilled all my needs.

tribute to my mother
She gave me birth and at every stage of life she helps,guides and teaches me to live the better life by sharing her experiences.She motivates and encourages me to follow my ambitions with hopes.

She keeps me as priority in her life.She may have lots of work and many people may be in her life.But she had never forgot to care about me.

I like my mother but I understood her a little, only when I had became a mother.

She accompanied me in all my work.

when I want to play,she played with me

 When I was young,I thought her role is only to do what I want.
when I became mother only I understood that she is also a individual and she too needs some personal time..

Before I start thinking ,my mother will  think and make arrangements for what all I need....

If I m going to exam,before I mother plans and tells me what I should bring for exams..

From my small things to big thing,the care and importance she gave for me is great..\\

Myself I am unable to do all things like my mother with care for my kids..

Now only I m understanding how much she sacrificed her time, bring smile in my shape my future in better way...

Whether I m trying to build castles in sand or planning to build big tower she had never cared......

She wont count whether my dreams are small or big ,whatever I do,she stands behind and encourages  in all my work.

My mother's love is unconditional.She too has many expectations on me.Sometimes I may did something as she expected me...

But many time I had failed to fulfill her needs knowingly and unknowingly.

The mistakes which I do knowingly is, I wont help my mom in cooking..I m scared and afraid of cooking.
My mom likes me very much If I cook food for her...

But still today whenever I go home,she cooks all dishes which I like..
She expects from me but even if I m not doing any help also....her love for me has never changed..Her love for me is unconditional and everlasting..

"Mom my fear of cooking or laziness or what I couldn't trace day I must cook and make you feel happy.

Sorry Ma , for the moments I lived without understanding you".

My mother is regular and perfect in all her work.I admire her for this quality,which I lacks...

I won't do the work in time which she gave me.But I will expect her to do all I want immediately.

Without considering my plus and minus,she loves me unconditionally.

My mother is my multiplication mirror

If I m happy,she will be more happy
If I m sad,she will be more more upset and sad than me

when I delivered baby,I had only the pain of cesarean.
But my mother worried about my pain,my future health complications,worried about my recovery,and dozens of worries she had for me..

Now I had became a mother,but still I feel puzzled how she is able to care for me this much..I try but I cant be like my mother to my kids..

"Mom,u handled me patiently when I troubled you....your patience,your sacrifice,your love,your care,your worth everything I understood only when I had became a mother".

Today what I m is everything because of you...

It's very difficult to understand and measure God's love...... Similarly very difficult to understand and measure my mother's love for me.

A two word "thank you" is not enough for all her love and care for me.

Next time I must born as her mother and I must give her  all the happiness which she missed in this life.
or Next time I must born as her daughter itself with the qualities of perfectness and routine and must keeps her happy.

Next life is not in my hand......

When I was young and even now,my mother cares for me..
She is now becoming young day by day.

How my mother cared for me when I was Young.....
With same care, love and affection I too want to take care of her now and all my life.

Love you Mom.....

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