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Modern Healthcare is Life saving and Life-enhancing

HAPIfork The developments of modern healthcare are a boon to the humanity. It has drastically reduces infant mortality rates, extends average life expectancy and also enhances human life. The diagnosis and treatment of many diseases are made simpler and easier with modern healthcare.

The modern healthcare is ultimately lifesaving and life-enhancing touching the lives of everyone.

Healthcare Gadgets

The Modern Healthcare gadgets enhance our lives by helping in the easy diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

1. HAPIfork

The HAPIfork is an electronic fork helps you to eat slowly. It alerts you with the help of indicator lights when you are eating too fast. Eating slowly is important because it protects you from
1. Weight Gain
2. Digestive Problems
3. Gastric Reflex
4. Postoperative Complications
This fork monitors and track your eating habits and uploads the information via USB to your
Online Dashboard to track your progress.
Eating more can be controlled and eating fast can also be changed using this electronic fork.
It helps dieters to control weight and stay healthy. It values your time and also take cares of
your health needs.
HAPIfork is a modern healthcare gadget which touches human lives by making healthy eating behaviour easy for everyone.

2. Metria™ Wearable Sensor Technology

Wearable Sensor

Metria can be used anytime, while doing exercise or while taking a shower.It is a small patch-based sensor worn on chest using a skin-friendly adhesive.This gadget helps to measure heartbeat, skin hydration, breathing, sleep patterns and also records the duration and quality of sleep.

 The information gathered is sent via Bluetooth and can be instantly tracked on smart phone or tablet.
Patients can transmit medical information within seconds to their care providers and healthcare professionals. They can also get handy real-time patients data summary to provide feedback and support as necessary.
The US air force is considering it to monitor pilots. Drug companies could use it to observe subjects' adherence during drug trials. Insurance companies could, in theory, use it to verify medical conditions.

 Metria saves the time of everyone. Now conducting a health and wellness assessment, pursuing fitness goals or monitoring the elderly is made easy with this gadget. Collecting, recording and transmit of medical information is made simple.

 Metria keeps medical records electronic, portable and solves issues like illegible handwriting and facilitates easy maintenance and access of medical records. It keeps our medical information in memory instead of us.
The modern health care gadget touches lives by providing healthcare information with no waste of time. It makes healthy life easier and simpler for everyone.

Healthcare Innovations

Modern innovations touch our lives by helping in the easy diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments.

 Here are some modern innovations which enhance and save our lives..
  • Brain implants let paralyzed woman move robot arm
A woman grabbing chocolate bar with her robot arm
A woman grabbing chocolate bar with her robot arm.(Credit: University

of Pittsburgh)

  • A small chip helps to diagnose Flu at an affordable cost (10 dollars) and produces results in a few hours.
 A small chip helps to diagnose Flu

 (Credit: Boston University)

Healthcare Organization

The Apollo hospitals group saves and enriches millions of lives all over the world and made India a hub in the medical tourism map. It touches lives of millions of people by bringing lot of new innovations and giving everyone a stress-free of life to live without worrying about health.

Appolo hospital

The Apollo Hospitals group is the India's most trusted healthcare provider.It boost healthcare access and saves lives of millions of people by providing latest treatments and techniques with renowned surgeons. 

It has special individual team for Heart,Spine,Orthopedics,Cancer,Neurology with internationally renowned surgeons and also has advanced and latest techniques to provide better treatment .

 apollo hospital

 Life-style related health problems are increasing day by day.Smoking, drinking, bad nutritional habits and lack of physical activity are the life-style related health problems. 

Majority of people are suffering from obesity,cardiovascular disease,depression,anxiety,diabetes,cancer,stroke and high blood pressure due to improper life style.

 Apollo offers preventive healthcare and provides advanced and latest treatments for all kind of health problems including stroke, head & spinal injuries, brain tumors, seizure disorders, movement disorders, and knee replacement.

 Modern Healthcare Provider

Apollo Group day by day provides better healthcare access to people by bringing lot of new innovations for better treatment.

 * Apollo hospitals performed surgeries using robotic techniques

* Apollo Hospitals to establish the first Proton Therapy center for Cancer treatment to serve over 3.5 billion people

* The Apollo Transplant Institutes (ATI) is one of the world's largest and most comprehensive solid transplant programs.

*Apollo Tele-Medicine Network  provides Tele-Education, Tele-Medicine, Internet, video-conferencing and VoIP services via satellite and fibre optic network.

*  Apollo Hospitals launches its First Sugar Clinic for diabetes in Muscat.

* Kidney Transplantation,Liver Transplantation,Cosmetic Surgery and more new services.

  Thus modern healthcare by being  life saving and life-enhancing touches the lives of everyone.


  1. video conferencing in the field of telemedicine is turning to be the best part of the medical industry. It is allowing the patient to avail the best medical support from the professional doctors who are located at various corners of the globe. The latest technological advancements in the Video Conferencing is allowing the doctors to perform virtual operations also.


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