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A Young man's Courageous Battle

The story is about a Young man's Courageous Battle to save my friend's life.

Some years back we went  Ooty for summer vacation.We had nice time chilling out and had lots of  fun.So we all were in  most excited mood.

In a tourist bus,we went for local site seeing..Since all friends were together we had endless chitchat.To avoid all sort of misshapen we went everywhere together. 

The roads were very sloping and so we walked with caution slowly and steadily together.
But the horrible incident happened  within a nanosecond.

I forgot the name,at one spot,our tourist bus was stopped and asked us to get down to see the view of the mountain.For parking sake,bus were stopped at a distance place.

We walked and walked making fun of each other..The danger board was fell down,it seems.None of us had idea that road is going to end.

One of my friend told that she want to take photos.She told that she will go in front and find best view for taking photos.Informing us,without waiting for our reply she started keeping quick steps forward ..

Since roads are sloppy,very steep,if we keep one step slowly also,we will be pushed to another two steps forward.

My friend walked normally but since road were very steep her normal walk also looked like running..I went in back to accompany her.

I opened my mouth to ask her to stop.But before that she fell down.After she reached the edge only she came to know that road has ended.She tried to stop but losing her balance she slipped down.she can't grip  with her foot because of  wearing shoes.

More than fifty people were around ,walking casually.

May be around 10 people were walking behind her..

After she fell down,people behind her stopped to manage themselves from going forward.

I was also rushing my steps to catch her but since I was afraid by nature, holding the trees at the side of roads, I walked.So we all were just 10 steps behind her..

Before we realized, it happened.Since I m also just few steps back I got shocked speechless.Tears rolling down thinking of her,same time I too lost my control.The sand there was not firm,I was unable to stand but managed to find a tree again nearby.

My friend were crying save me...I was at the side few steps back holding a tree.Remaining 6-7 were college boys walked behind her.Since they all walked together,they manage to control and stop at the place standstill.

I want to inform my other friends and was panic about what to do.Since she were shouting save me save me...I replied her that I will come and asked her not to be panic.

Since the place was risky slope,everyone was afraid to help..hearing the sound many came but none was dare including me to save her.

One courageous brave good heart went forward to help her..More than thirty people were warning him because his life will get risk..
one college guy without listening his friends and others went forward and helped her.

My friends shoe got strucked in one of the tree branches..So she was stopped there from falling down.

At the side of mountain,they were not strong trees also..So everyone stopped the college boy from taking risk.

He was very firm in his decision to help..So his friends also went behind him.He told his friends also not to accompany him.But finally like chain one behind the other each one stood and the end person were holding the tree at the side .More than two hours they suffered a lot to bring her up and save from danger.

Even for watching,the incident was terrible..We all were girls in our group.Without him,My friends life would have ended that day.He is a man who stood up and helps us. For his courageous heart everyone appreciated him.He is a real and respectable soldier whom I met.And his friends are great friends who accompanied him even in danger.

Everybody opening the mouth without closing the eye lid ,watched the incident.

mountain climbing man

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