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A Dream Come True With Office 365

As I usually do, I was surfing the Indi blogger pages with an intention to learn the new updates in technology. As doing so I came to know about this Office 365 , yet another life changing app created by Microsoft. Though it was late night, I was not able to resist myself from going through the official website [] to know about the gift that Microsoft has brought on us to improve our lives. Being a Software Engineer the word Cloud brought me a lot of meaning and lot that could be achieved with this awesome change to the  MS Office. 
Office 365 LOGO

        Skimming through the features of Office 365, I went to my land where I was a CEO of a Company marketing consumer products, which I named it as 'For the People'. I always dreamt of my organisation to spread across the globe providing the people with quality products in all categories. I knew doing this is not like catching a local train instead it is something like going into nowhere where no one had traveled before. But still I was not going to give up. I was analyzing the hurdles I need to face if I am about to start this organisation.
The first and foremost thing that came to my mind was collaboration  I need a convenient tool to share the details about the products which includes the Prices,Qty available,Discounts etc. which often changes and has to be updated frequently. My first choice was using Ms Excel for maintaining details. But my experience as Software Engineer brought back memories of cases where we forget to replace the updated file with the actual one and which would cause a lot of trouble. To err is human, So this solution was ruled out. After reading the new features of Office 365 in cloud I knew that this was indeed a blessing. 

        With this new feature I can use the sky drive to upload the file with appropriate details and share them with my employees who can use it from anywhere. Yes the office 365 allows us to upload the file into sky drive so with just an internet connection we can access this file from anywhere. So now my Managers need not worry about the prices of the products and concentrate more on marketing them. This also provides us with an additional facility like we can control the editing of the file which intern helps us from being accidently edited by some. We can also control the people who are eligible to view this documents. Another major advantage of this product is we can update the sales details of each region in a single file and it can be shared among the managers. The main point behind this is certain products are demand in certain regions so these products can be moved to places of demand appropriately to improve the sales and thus minimize wastage.

        I can also share the achievements of the individual or the company with the help of Skype with each individual of my organisation which motivates them to get involved into the company. Using Skype for such communication is cost effective solution. With this even the collaboration among the employees increase which is the key feature for the success of the organization. 


     The Power Point in the office 365 app allows us to represent the Sales,Purchase and Profits through graphical figures instead of words which is much better to be explain to our share holders and make them realize the growth rate of the organization and they can also monitor the workings of the organization from the respective places. It increases their confidence in the  organization and in turn will help in the growth rate of the company.

    The billing part which is the most important module can also be created using the predefined templates available in this Office 365. With this template in online we can bill the products anywhere and even share the bill to the shop keepers through online if they have an internet connection and thus reduce the usage of paper. 

        The Office 365 also facilitates to create a domain with the name of your choice and thus we circulate the official mails using this feature and also we can chat using the Lync feature.This app is Go Green product which will reduce the usage of paper in large quantities and it also helps take out office to our home meaning it can be used from anywhere. Thus using this Office 365 app my dream will come true and now able to find a solution for all my difficulties that I likely be facing while starting this organization.As the name of my Organization (For the People),this Microsoft Office 365 app is for the betterment of the people.

This article is written by Vishnu Vikas.K


  1. Reading a lot of posts related to Office 365 recently.... A nice read....



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