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20 Cool Body Facts

Here are  20 strange facts about the human body that may surprise you.

1.The average human body contains enough iron to make a nail 2.5 cm long.
2.You inherit certain features such as body shape , hair color from your parents.
3.Brown skin and black skin has more of a pigment called melanin in it than white skin.
4.A fetus can get hiccups.
5.Fingernails begins to form when the fetus is about 10 weeks old.
6.At just 8 weeks,the fetus can be recognized as human,although it is shorter than your little finger.
7.About 50,000 tiny flakes of dead skin  of drop off your body every minute.
8.Millions of microscopic dust mites live in your bed,gobbling up the skin flakes that fall off from you.
20 Cool Body Facts

9.Bones need calcium from food like milk and cheese to make them hard.
10.You have the same number of neck bones as a giraffe.
11.Your muscles need lot of protein rich foods like egg,meat,cheese,beans to grow big and strong.
12.At rest a child's heart beats about 85 times a minute.
13.A blood cell goes around your body and back through your heart more than 1000 times each day.
14.Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to allow room for your heart.
15.You breathe faster during and after exercise to draw more oxygen into your body.
16.The Brain is 85 percent water.
17.Your brain needs oxygen to work properly.One-fifth of all the oxygen you breathe in goes to the brain.
18.The spinal cord stops growing when you are about five years old,having reached about 43 cm
19.The stapes is the smallest bone in your body,shorter than a grain of rice.
20.You blink about 9,400 times a day.


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