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Worlds First Smartphone Controlled Satellite - Powered by Google Nexus One

The first satellite powered by a Google Nexus One smartphone is successfully working from its orbit. The United Kingdom Space Agency’s STRaND-1 was launched on Feb. 25 to serve as a spaceflight training and technology demonstration mission.

World's first "phonesat", STRaND-1, successfully launched into orbit

Fast Facts

1.STRaND-1, a nanosatellite carrying a smartphone, has successfully launched into Space from India.

2.STRaND-1 will fly the world's first smartphone in orbit and is the UK's first CubeSat launched.
The satellite flies a Google Nexus One smartphone, a new Linux-based high-speed processor and attitude & orbit control system, and two novel propulsion systems (8 pulsed plasma thrusters and a water-alcohol propulsion system).

3.STRaND-1 is a training and demonstration mission 3U CubeSat (10cm x 30cm) weighing 4.3 kg, developed by the Surrey Space Centre and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd.

  The nanosatellite STRaND-1 is the world’s first “phonesat.” It combines its Google Nexus One Android-powered smartphone core with a Linux-based high-speed processor in order to control itself.

   STRaND-1 was built by Surrey Space Center and Surrey Satellite Technology, weighs just 9.4 pounds, and is approximately 12 inches long by 4 inches wide. It is equipped with two new space propulsion systems. Its WARP DRiVE systems (short for Water Alcohol Resistojet Propulsion De-orbit Re-entry Velocity Experiment), which will test a new way to intentionally destroy a satellite at the end of a mission by performing maneuvers that force the satellite to fall out of orbit. And the second system is a set of eight electric "pulsed plasma thrusters" that will be tested during the mission, according to Surrey.

   "This is a great example of the innovative approach that you can take with cubesats to develop and prove low cost commercial technologies for space while at the same time proving an exciting way of training and developing engineering skills," UK Space Agency's Chris Castelli, acting director of science, technology and exploration, said in a statement.

Source: rootswiki,satellitetoday


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