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What is Space?

 Space is a vacuum place without air.Even if you shout,no one can hear you in space.Because sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum. It is a strange hostile place with no air, noise or smell.Space is filled with incredibly high-energy phenomena. It is proved to be a paradox of nature. 

Where is Space?

 Beyond the Earth's atmosphere is the 'Outer space' .With no air to scatter sunlight and produce a blue sky, space appears dark with stars.

What’s in space?
Space is not completely empty.It is not a perfect vacuum. There are particles and electromagnetic waves travelling through Space. It is also filled with huge amounts of thinly spread gas and dust. Even the emptiest parts of space contain at least a few hundred atoms or molecules per cubic meter.

Space is also filled with many forms of radiation that are dangerous to astronauts. 

What is Space Day?

Space Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of each May. Its aim is to promote maths, science, technology and engineering education by harnessing children’s enthusiasm for space and inspiring them to continue the work of today’s space explorers.


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