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What are teeth made of?

Our teeth is made up of four parts namely,

1.The Enamel

The pink fleshy part above the tooth is called gums.The teeth which we can see is called crown.
The crown of each of our tooth is covered by a hard shiny substance called enamel.It is the protective layer which protects our teeth and act as a barrier and avoids damages causing to the inside parts of our teeth.

Myth: Brushing the teeth with salt is good for teeth.
Fact:  Brushing the teeth with salt will remove the enamel from your teeth exposing it to danger of causing damage inside.

If this shiny protective enamel layer is removed,we can see another hard bone like substance "Dentine" which makes the largest part of our tooth.It protects the innermost part of the tooth, called the pulp.

The pulp consists of blood vessels that nourish the tooth by delivering oxygen and nutrients and keeps our tooth active and healthy.Our each tooth's nerve endings is also found here.

When you have very hot  or very cold items, you fall and hurt a tooth, or if you get a cavity, it's your pulp that get hurts. The nerve endings inside the pulp send messages to the brain if you eat very hot or cold.

The pulp goes all the way down into the cementum(root of the tooth), which is under the gum.It is also a hard tissue and is anchored to the jawbone.

The tooth decay will starts with the enamel with no pain. But once it reaches the dentine, it will cause toothache. Finally spreads over the pulp and gives terrible pain.

We have different types of teeth in different shapes to do different jobs.

1. INCISORS - HELPS TO BITE(front four teeth)
2.CANINES - Helps to tear the food.(next two teeth)
3.MOLARS  and PREMOLARS - Helps to crush and grind the food into small pieces.
These are the big teeth at the back of your mouth.(third 4 premolar and the last 6 molar teeth)

The last set of two molar teeth is Wisdom teeth.It is third molar teeth grown in 17- 21 years.In this age,the young ones become fully grown and wiser.So teeth grown in this age is called as wisdom teeth.

Gentle careful brushing and good diet is must to keep our teeth healthy.


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