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3 Best iPhone Apps

The Best Three New 2013 iPhone Educational app for Kids.

Bugs and Numbers
1.Bugs and Numbers:It is an educational app,games contains basic counting for pre-schoolers to fractions for early elementary school, helps to learn and practice wide range of math 2013
Alien Buddies:
Baby Hear & Read Verbs
Baby Hear & Read Verbs
2.Alien Buddies:It is an early learning educational app for preschooler and Kindergarten.Attractive app for kids with lot of visual and audio Matching games,Puzzle game ,Dot to Dot game and more.

3. Baby Hear & Read Verbs:Excellent Kids educational app for learning "Verbs". When you click on a animal,it makes sound and demonstrates the verb.As each verb is spelled, the letters turns red.


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