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what is google url shortener?

The Google URL Shortener  is a service that shortens the long URLs into fewer characters and makes the link easier to share, tweet, or email to friends.

 For example, This is the original link of my post -

 the short URL of the same post - shortened URL will also be redirected to the long URL page.)

 In simple words,Google URL Shortener takes the long URLs and squeezes them into fewer characters to make a link easier to share.

It is very simple and easy to shorten an URL using,

1.Sign in using your gmail Account.

2. Visit,

3.Paste the long URL in the box and click the button Shorten URL.

4.On the right side,with paste option the shortened URL will be displayed.You can copy and paste the shortened link in Twitter,Facebook or anywhere you like.

A dashboard will be created  at in your account and all the URL's shortened by you will be displayed in your dashboard for future reference.

Sharing the shortened URL helps to hide the original URL temporarily.But it redirects only to the original URL.


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