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Skype Video Messages launches for Mac, iPhone, and Android (hands-on)

Microsoft is going to launch a new Video Messages feature for Skype this week. The feature works on Android and iOS with an option to switch to the rear.You can send up to three minutes of video to users who are either online or offline and the video will be delivered in the chat part of Skype.

 We’re pleased that there’s interest for Video Messaging to come to Skype for Windows and Skype for Windows 8," says a Skype spokesperson in response to Windows availability. "We’ll let you know when we expand the service to the platform."

 We tested the feature out on all available platforms and it seems to sync the video messages just as you'd expect. If you want to download the messages on the Mac side, they're available in MP4 format. The Video Messages feature is available to all US and UK Skype users initially, with a rollout to other countries expected in the future.

Update: Microsoft informs us that the Skype Video Messages feature is part of Skype Premium. After 20 free messages you'll have to subscribe to Skype Premium for $4.99 a month to continue using the feature. Source:Verge


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