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How to bookmark?

Bookmark is a feature available in all modern web browsers( like chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Internet Explorer etc).Using this feature,you can save all the web pages which you like to visit again, read later or for future reference.

Bookmark is easy to do.We can't remember all the pages we visit,so bookmarking is a must to do work.

Bookmarked pages will have a direct link to the pages so at the of re-visit, it will be very easy for us to visit our favorite pages.

In the context of the World Wide Web, a bookmark is a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) that is stored for later retrieval in any of various storage formats.

If you are using Google Chrome, click the bookmark icon in the address bar to bookmark your favorite page. 

The pages bookmarked can be viewed on the bookmarks bar at the top of your browser window or via the Chrome menu Chrome menu.The bookmark manager is another important thing to note.

Organizing and managing the bookmark is very very essential.Otherwise in time of need,we can't have easy access to the page we like to visit.

Using bookmark manager we can create folders and sub-folders.We can save the web pages category wise in separate folders for quick search.


If you can't find a web page from a list of bookmarked pages,then you can also find it easily by typing the name of the bookmark and then look for the bookmark icon next to the results that appear, which indicates matches from your bookmarks.

Simply by right clicking the bookmark you can edit and delete your bookmark.

If you are using Google Chrome,you can import and export all your  bookmarks easily and quickly.

If you want to access your bookmarks in all devices and computers,then you have  to sign in into Chrome with your gmail id.

Every time signing into chrome, if you book marked your favorite pages then you can see all your bookmarks in any computer just by signing in.


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