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New President of India 2012

Pranab Mukherjee was widely tipped to win the election.India's former finance minister Pranab Mukherjee is due to take office as the country's 13th president.

He will be sworn in by Chief Justice SH Kapadia at the central hall of the parliament in the capital, Delhi.

The position is largely ceremonial but he could help determine who forms the next government after elections in 2014 if there is no clear winner.

Mr Mukherjee's term runs for five years. He replaces Pratibha Patil, who was India's first woman president.

The swearing in function will be attended by Vice-President Hamid Ansari, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and cabinet ministers among others.

Mr Mukherjee, a veteran of the ruling Congress Party, was elected by members of the national and state parliaments, on Sunday.

Correspondents say Mr Mukherjee's victory has come as a boost to the Congress Party, which has been under pressure over a series of corruption scandals and a slowdown in the Indian economy.

Mr Mukherjee has headed several top government ministries during his career, including the foreign, home, defence and trade ministries.

Pranab Mukherjee
President of India 2012 -  Pranab Mukherjee

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Chirp App

Chirp App is an app that transmits data via a burst of "digital birdsong".It aims to simplify the way users share images and other files between smartphones.

Chirp plays a two-second long noise that sounds as if it was made by a robotic bird. When heard by other devices it triggers a download.

The software was developed by Animal Systems, a spin-off business from University College London (UCL).

It is free to use, but companies will be charged a fee for add-on services.

At the moment users are limited to sending pictures, website links or 140-character text messages. These appear in a feed similar to Facebook's timeline.A feed of messaged material appears beneath a visualised sound-wave. 

Other applications such as Android Beam, Bump, Datasync and Dropbox allow users to swap material via bluetooth, wi-fi or links to cloud-based storage.

But Chirp has the advantage that it can quickly send data to multiple devices at once without them needing to be either paired or have a wireless connection.

If recipients are offline their devices will remember the "chirp" and download associated content later.
Chirp App
Chirp App

It can also work over public address systems or radio transmissions - potentially allowing broadcasters a way to send up-to-date pictures or links to background information; or an advertiser to send coupons or snippets of a song or promotional video.

Animal Systems subscribes to a "blacklist" service to prevent users transmitting known pornographic or illegal-content website links. However, it does not plan to moderate other material.

The application works by uploading a user's material to the firm's servers. The data is then identified with a 50-bit address space: one of trillions of available identifiers.

This location is then sent to the sender's device. When the user presses a button in the app it plays an audio-encoded version of the address.

For now Chirp is only available as an iPhone app. An Android version is promised "soon".

French Numbers


French Numbers
Numbers 1–101

Here are the numbers from 1–20:

1 un, une                    11 onze
2 deux                        12 douze
3 trois                          13 treize
4 quatre                         14 quatorze
5 cinq                              15 quinze
6 six                                16 seize
7 sept                                      17 dix-sept
8 huit                                    18 dix-huit
9 neuf                                      19 dix-neuf
10 dix                                               20 vingt

Numbers above 20 are generally formed as follows:

20 vingt                     70 soixante-dix
21 vingt et un                   71 soixante et onze
30 trente                          80 quatre-vingts*
31 trente et un                           81 quatre-vingt-un
40 quarante                              90 quatre-vingt-dix
41 quarante et un                         91 quatre-vingt-onze
50 cinquante                                  100 cent
51 cinquante et un                                  101 cent un
60 soixante
61 soixante et un

Numbers 22–29, 32–39, 42–49, 52–59, and 62–69 are constructed by adding a hyphen to the base (vingt, trente,quarante, cinquante, or soixante) and the numbers 2–9.

*An -s is added to quatre-vingt when it is not followed by another number.

28 vingt-huit
34 trente-quatre
42 quarante-deux

Numbers 70 (soixante-dix) - 79 (soixante-dix-neuf) add the numbers 10-19 (dix to dix-neuf) to the base
soixante (60). Numbers 90 (quatre-vingt-dix) – 99 (quatre-vingt-dix-neuf) add the numbers 10-19 (dix to
dix-neuf) to the base quatre-vingt (80).

72 soixante-douze
77 soixante-dix-sept
95 quatre-vingt-quinze

Learn French:Making Friends



Tu veux boire quelque chose ? Would you like something to drink?

Un café, s’il te plaît. A cup of coffee, please.

Qu’est-ce que tu prends ? What would you like to drink?

Une bière, s’il te plaît. I’d like a beer, please.

As-tu soif ? Are you thirsty?

Non, mais j’ai faim. No, but I’m hungry.

Rien pour moi. Nothing for me.


C’est qui ça ? Who is that?

C’est le PDG de la société. That is the CEO of the company.


Tu es marié(e) ? Are you married?

Pourquoi ? Why do you ask?

Ça m’intéresse. I’m just curious.

Non, je suis célibataire. No, I’m single.

Oui, et nous sommes très heureux en ménage. Yes, and very happily.

As-tu des enfants ? Do you have kids?

As-tu des frères ou des soeurs ? Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Oui, j’ai une fille. Yes, a daughter.

Non, mais un jour peut-être. No, but I’d like to someday.

J’ai une soeur cadette. I have a younger sister.


Quel âge as-tu ? How old are you?

J’ai vingt-deux ans. Twenty-two.

J’ai trente et un ans. I’m thirty-one years old.

J’aurai dix-sept ans le mois prochain. I’ll be seventeen next month.

À ton avis ? Guess.

12 Cool Facts about Space

1.Any free-moving liquid in outer space will form itself into a sphere, because of its surface tension.

2.Mercury, Venus, earth and Mars are called the inner planets as they are closest to the sun!

3.If you shouted in space even if someone was right next to you they wouldn't be able to hear you.

4.One Day on the planet Pluto is about the length of a week on Earth.

5.The first man-made satellite in space was called sputnik.

6.Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

7.The space age began on the 4th October 1957.

8.A day in Mercury lasts approximately as long as 59 days on earth.

 9.The stars in each constellation are named after a Greek alphabet.

10.Earth’s atmosphere is the only atmosphere discovered till date that human can breathe in.

11. Earth’s atmosphere was formed from gases pouring out from volcanoes.

12.Jupiter has no surface for a spacecraft to land on because it is made mostly from helium gas and hydrogen.
 The massive pull of Jupiter’s gravity squeezes the hydrogen so hard that it is liquid.

The Parts of Speech

1.NOUN  -  It describes a person,place, thing, or idea.

- The girl lost her new bag at school.

- The house was full of happiness.

Note: If you can put “a”, “an”, or “the”before the word, it will most likely be a noun.

2.PRONOUN - It substitutes for a noun.


‐ Sarah asked him to walk that dog.

Who has been using my computer?

Note: Pronouns can be:
personal (e.g. them)
relative (e.g. which)
interrogative (e.g. whom)
reflexive/intensive (e.g. itself)
indefinite (e.g. everybody).

3.ADJECTIVE - It describes or limits a noun or pronoun.


‐ Amy bought a pair of brown shoes and an astonishing dress.

‐ Those forgetful boys need to clean that messy room.

Note:Adjectives tell what kind or how many. “A”, “an”, and “the” are also considered adjectives.

4.ADVERB - It modifies a verb,adjective, or another verb.


Modifying a:

Verb: The students read aloud.
Adj.: The movie was very amusing.
Adv.: It all happened too quickly for me to describe it.

Note: Adverbs answer How? When? or Where?
Many adverbs end in –ly:
Happy + ly = Happily

5.VERB - It expresses action or state of being.There are two kinds of verbs: linking & action.

‐My mother is a high school teacher.

‐He wrote an interesting novel.

Note: Common linking verbs:
‐Any form of the verb “is” or “be”
‐Appear, seem, become, etc.
Action verbs imply either physical or mental activity.
The Parts of Speech
The Parts of Speech

6.PREPOSITIONIt shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun to another noun or pronoun.


‐ The airplane flew above us.

‐ She walked to the store.

Note: Commonly used prepositions include: about, before, for, from,in, on, over, to, until, up, with,without.

7.CONJUNCTION - It connects words or groups of words.

Types: coordinating,correlative, and subordinating.


*Coordinating: My professor is strict, yet she is fair.

*Correlative: Both swimming and dancing are fun ways to work out.

*Subordinate: I am happy because of you.

Note: Other coordinating conj.: for, but,or, yet, so, and, nor.Other correlative conj.: both…and,either…or, neither…nor, notonly…but also.Subordinating conjunctions join dependent clauses to main clauses.

8.INTERJECTION -  It expresses surprise or strong feeling.


Wow! This place is great.

Oh no, that’s terrible news.

Note: They are commonly used before a sentence or at the beginning of a sentence.

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