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Trouble with the Stubble

He: I reached home at the correct time as I promised. Now,Shall I?
She: Wait,Don't be in a hurry.

He: Dear,You look so tempting in this red saree.
      Now,shall I?

She:Get refresh and come.
He: Wow,hot samosa..Yummy.
     Room fragrance is lovely and romantic background music, ambiance is great.
      Dear - Now,Shall I?

She : Smiled sweetly and hided her face.

He:Thanks for surprising me with everything which i love.

She: remained silent and hided her face..

He:removed the veil and got shocked to see the bandage in her mouth.

Dear , but why ?

She : went closer to him with a naughty look and hided her face with palms showing "shave or crave".

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