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Women are more devotional than men

Lord Krishna and Kuchela(Sudama) story

It was her maternal love that prompted her to send her husband Kuchela  to the Lord so that her children might get a full meal. She had faith in the Lord. Kuchela hesitated and argued that Krishna might not recognise him or remember him or invite him in or accept his homage. She urged him to give up all doubt and proceed at least as far as the gate of the palace of Krishna. She was certain that Krishna would call him in, if he took at least that little trouble. Kuchela was so nervous that he could be persuaded to go only up to the gate.

Once it was decided that Kuchela would go, she took from the place where she had hidden it for a rainy day, a quantity of paddy, just a handfull; she put it in boiling water, took it out, dried it and, then, frying it over the fire, she pounded it with a pestle to prepare the "beaten rice" that Kuchela said was Krishna's favourite food, while at school. That was tied to a corner of the cloth worn over the body and he moved on, his fear increasing at every step. Such fear should be absent in the genuine bhakta. He must approach the Lord as of right and earn the grace that is his due.

Of course, the Lord showers his mercy on the aartha and arthaarthi, as well as on the jijnaasu(seeker of wisdom) and the jñâni (spiritually wise man). The aartha is the person who is ill and suffering; the arthaarthi is the poverty-stricken who seeks prosperity and fortune.

Lord Krishna

So, he called him in, with overwhelming joy, and reminded him of the happy days at school which they had spent together at the guru's feet, and even while Kuchela was squirming to hide the commonplace offering tied to the corner of his tattered cloth, Krishna sought out the stuff and began eating it with great relish. Bhakti had made it very tasty to the Lord.

It is related that Rukminî devi held His hand when He took the third handful and the reason given usually by commentators is that she was afraid all the riches of the Lord would go over to Kuchela if a few more handfuls were taken in by the Lord! What a silly idea! As if the riches of the Lord are exhaustible, as if He would care if bhaktas carried all of it away, as if the Mother of the universe is stingy in Her gifts, this can never be true! The real cause for Her holding the hand of Krishna was: She claimed Her share of the offering of the devoted heart; She wanted a portion for Herself; it was Her right to have a share.

Kuchela left Dvârakâ rather disappointed, because he was not given any donation or promise of adonation. He was sad, when he remembered his family and the starving children. He was lost in grief and so, he passed his own house without noticing that it had undergone a great change and had become a huge big mansion overnight. His wife, who saw him, called him back and related how suddenly, happiness had been showered upon them by Krishna's grace.


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