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Soak Yourself with More Free Time

Surf Excel Matic made washing the clothes, in machine itself more perfect.

Radha : Hi, Geet. Have you finished all your work?

Geet :Yes.What about you?

Radha : Oh! My God, I forgot to wash the clothes.Wait! It's always grueling and time consuming. Let me soak the clothes first and join you then.

Geet : Sure Radha.

Radha : It's really annoying, Geet.

Geet : C'mon, Radha.What is annoying you?

Radha : Washing the clothes gives me the feeling of soaking myself in work and water.

I feel allergic about soaking the clothes as I have to touch and feel the foam in my hands.

Then the drudgery of scrubbing the clothes(shirt collar,edges of the bottom dresses which touch the floor and other stains)on a daily basis is annoying me.

when I have urgent work,this soaking and scrubbing the clothes is more annoying and time-consuming.

 Moreover, daily staying in water  makes my foot cracks.Then my skin is getting dried after scrubbing the
clothes and hands are also losing its softness.

Machines can't make washing perfect Without human hand.

Geet : Hey, it is not as you think.

Machines can do PERFECT washing without human hand itself when you  are using a perfect and matching "Surf Excel Matic" machine detergent powder.

Radha : All detergents are same.I dont think that washing can be made without hands.


You are wrong.

Surf Excel Matic is unique and it is a machine specialist detergent powder.It removes the toughest stains also, in the washing machine itself.

It is the machine detergent powder specially formulated for washing the clothes in machines.

Surf Excel Matic with its "Vibrating Molecules"  made washing easier in the machine itself and delivers best results even without manual scrubbing  and soaking of clothes.

Radha : I never thought that washing can be made so easier.


With Surf Excel Matic, I can directly load the clothes in the machine and  remove the toughest stains
Soak No More
completely in the machine itself without hands.

Hurrah! it really sounds very good to hear itself, Geet.

"Surf Excel Matic with its vibrating molecules removes the touch time of washing.So wave Goodbye to soaking and drudgery of manual scrubbing of clothes.Also now start soaking yourself with much more free time."


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