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4 Amazing Google Tools

Google Tools Saves Time 

Google Docs is a web-based tool, similar to Microsoft Office, that allows multiple users to create, store, edit and manage documents such as text files, spreadsheets and presentations. The cool thing about Google Docs is that it allows multiple users to collaborate and share information in real time. It is a great way to safely store and organize important information.

Google Analytics is a tracking system that allows users to effectively monitor and track traffic to and from a desired website.  Google Analytics shows who’s visiting the website, where they are visiting from, how often they are visiting and the amount of time they spend viewing content. With this information, users can record and monitor “keywords” that are most frequently associated with a site’s content.

Google Alerts allows to view when and where certain content is being mentioned. Google Alerts sends users email notifications when specific search terms are used. This program allows users to change the frequency of notifications and specify exact terms for more accurate web trafficking.

Google Reader is a great way to stay on top of news and current events.  This user interface consolidates multiple RSS feeds onto one site, thus allowing the user to view headlines and top stories of their selected websites. For example, a user can get the top stories and updates from The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times and the Houston Chronicle all in one place.

These tools helps to save the time by organizing, consolidating, and prioritizing!


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