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Ecology and Nature Conservation

Millions of people every day destroying and throwing away tons of debris.Everyone must have the awareness about their responsibilities to hold the earth in good conditions for the future generations.

By following the simple principles of ecology, we can help our planet.

  • Avoid using disposable items in everyday life. Use durable utensils, towels and all what you need to throw away less.
  • Do not use household cleaning chemicals, there are many eco-friendly means that you can clean up any dirt.
  • Do not operate electrical appliances without the need for and do not leave them in "sleep mode" after use, always turn off the light.

    • Save energy. Turn off the dryer in the washing machines and dishwashers. Linens and dishes dry themselves. Do not include washing in vain, without a full load laundry.
    • Try not to use the heater if it is not possible, use solar panels.
    • Do not waste water unnecessarily. 
    • Try to use the least toxic detergents, and better use biomoyuschie tools, wash in cold water.
    • Do not buy unnecessary medications, which are then discard. Take preventive measures to hurt less.
    • Try to use less personal vehicle. Move on public transport, and even better on the bike or on foot.
    • Do not use plastic bags and do not buy every time the water in plastic bottles.
    • Do not buy an artificial Christmas tree, it is best to plant and grow their own.
    • Make your menu, a vegetarian, eat no meat at least once a week.
    • Pick up and throw, hit the road debris. This is normal.

    Ecology and Nature Conservation
    Teach your children the principles of ecology and  inculcate in them to care about the world.


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