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Facebook and Google censor the content in India after court warnings

 Internet giants Google and Facebook have removed some content after court warnings

Google went to meet the requirements of the Indian court and blocked the harmful materials in India. A company representative said in court hearings in February on removing six references to illegal content on the Indian version of its search engine.Bloomberg said that the local social network-Orkut, owned by Google was subjected to censorship . At the same time outside the country, these materials were available.

Google did not specify exactly which data has been locked.The lawsuit, in which Google and Facebook have reported the removal of content, was filed on behalf of Indian activist Ayaz Mufti Arshad Kuasmi (Mufti Aijaz Arshad Quasmi) with respect to the materials that may be offensive to Muslims, indicates Bloomberg.Facebook  in conjunction with Microsoft and Yahoo!, as specified in the lawsuit, said in a court of his innocence to the users of the published materials.

The District Court in New Delhi, considering a lawsuit, ordered the company to provide, within 15 days of the description of the actions they have taken to block offensive material.Another lawsuit against Google and Facebook is pending in the Supreme Court of India. January 12 the court warned companies that if they do not include the mechanism of pre-moderation of published materials, access to their resources can be blocked in the country. In response, the Internet giant announced that they have the technical ability to track all users publish.

The next meeting of this case, according to Bloomberg, will be held in mid-February. If the company refuse to comply with the requirements of the charges, the court said in January, the country may be introduced Internet censorship like the one that exists in China.

Unlike China, which blocked Facebook, Twitter and other resources in the Indian segment of the network until there is relative freedom, according to Reuters.Recently, however, indicate the agency, the country's authorities began to worry the impact of social networks.


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