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Adventurous Real Experience

This is my entry for "The Kissan 100% Real Blogger Contest".

Details about the places I mentioned here is written below.

One hot summer morning we started our trip from Singampunari to Natham(Mariamman Temple)to watch the pal kodam festival.We started our trip as an usual trip to temple with no plans.But it turned as an adventurous trip for us.We reached the temple,had darshan,watched all rituals and felt happy and satisfied.

We want to have the food and finish our lunch in the temple.So we waited for the crowd to get dispersed.Meantime,while talking to the nearby local people we came to know about Karanthamalai falls.We all felt very curious to visit the place.

So without wasting time,from Natham temple we started driving towards Karandamalai.On the way we all felt bad for not bringing an extra pair of dresses to take a bath in the falls.With the assistance of the bystanders we neared Karanthamalai.
After reaching the place alone we came to know that we had to walk 2-3kms to reach the falls.We all looked at each other and finally decided to go ahead.

We parked our car in the main road.But villagers guided us to drive in.The path looked very narrow with thorns and sharp small we all hesitated.Like showing in cinemas,in one way path,no space for a car to go straight,slightly in a slanting way we drive and entered Karandamalai.By God's grace our car tyre never got punctured.
So entry itself created fear.We all felt afraid and also got excited about unusual driving on a very narrow path.We crossed the narrow path with the big question of how to get returned again in the path.From the villagers,we came to know that the falls is inside the forest.We all got shocked and felt bad.With the excitement of seeing falls without knowing details about the place we started like that we blamed each other.
But all our questions and worries got vanished from our mind after seeing mango trees.
A huge number of different types of mango trees first cacthes our eyes.we parked our car and ran towards the tree.We saw a friendly person standing and guarding mango trees.We asked him to guide us inside the forest to reach the falls.He accepted and also gave us permission to pluck mangoes.
In my life I have seen mango trees only in picture.Huge number of trees with different varieties of mangoes.That moment sky is the limit for my happiness.I felt very excited.I plucked and ate mangoes directly from the trees.Then I plucked a lot and stored in my bag to make pickles.The experience was completely unusual but it gave unlimited happiness.
After that we started waking in rude path with full of trees,stones and small rocks.The path was not even and it was filled with thorns and many insects.So we felt very difficult to walk.
We had mixed emotions while walking inside the forest.Very few local village people only were there.In some place except us nobody was found.We felt afraid as we entered deeper.we prayed forest god idol there to strengthen us.
We reached the small stream of the main waterfalls.we all felt hungry.we opened our packed food and filled our stomach.Then we relaxed ourself under the shadow of a big tree.Some village people also joined us.
So we felt happy and without fear we walked towards falls along with them.Climbing up the rock we felt very difficult and risky. But finally we reached the falls and had a nice time.It was my  unforgettable unexpected adventurous real experience.

Details about the place

Singampunari is a town in Sivagangai district, in Tamil Nadu, India.

Natham is a small town in Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu(India).Natham has a Mariamman Temple which conducts annual rituals that are famous in the entire group of villages. The festivals during the season include people performing various activities to Amman viz - Pal Kodam etc

Karanthamalai R F is a small village located in the district of Dindigul in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.


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