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About health--benefits Blog

Title of the blog :Health Benefits

Health Benefits is a new blog created with an aim to propagate about the health benefits of everything used in our day-to-day life.

Health Benefits blog is created in the beginning of February,2012.Below I have mentioned the URL of my new blog.

I request all my visitors to visit my new Health Benefits blog and to share YOUR views about my new blog.

It contains post on health benefits of fruits,nuts and root right now.

This is my blog address

Second Request to all my visitors .
If anyone have knowledge about  the problem below,please help to fix the issues.

When I type in google search with .in also my blog is opening

After my blog started redirecting to a country-specific URL
my search results are shown seperately.

While sharing my permalink,I m pasting with .in as

So all my post are shown only if i search my blog as
Nothing is shown under the original address i registered which is

My question is while submitting my sites in blog communities or while sharing my post
how i have to do?changing to .com i have to submit?

To increase the confusion my blog is opening with and without www like


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