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Facebook introduced the application of real-life

Social network Facebook has presented dozens of "social applications", telling about the actions of users in real life. Report updates to appear on the official page of the company.

"Social Applications" published in the user profile reports of its activity on the web, whether it's watching a movie or listening to music. New applications submitted by January 19, extend the range of actions, which you can tell your "boyfriend" to include events from real life.

Facebook introduced the application of real-life
Thus, the application allows the user to publish Foodily write about cooking dinner and share a recipe, but Snooth - tell tasted the wine. Also presented an application for travelers, philanthropists, athletes, fans of reading, shopping and so on.

The actions that a user completes a "social applications", displayed on their profile and news block his virtual friends. In September 2011 Facebook has demonstrated "biographical" of the pages in which all actions are deposited in the timeline. The new interface is called "The Chronicle" (Timeline) and became available for all in December 2011.

The first "social applications" presented at the conference f8 in September 2011 when the first of them was known.



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