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Apple's iPhone Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday

The electronic device that changed millions of lives, celebrates its fifth birthday. Yes, many of you might have guessed that I’m talking about the original ‘2G’ Phone. A device that was announced enthusiastically by Steve Jobs himself, back on January 9th 2007 at the Macworld Conference & Expo. In retrospect, no one would have guessed that such a small device would have such an immense impact on the masses. The iphone  completely changed the way people reacted to phones, and this can be regarded as a major feat, as the iPhone was launched by a company with no experience in the said field.
Apple's iPhone Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday

During the speech, back in 2007, the iPhone was described by Steve Jobs as an amalgamation of a wide screen iPod and touch control features. Steve Jobs promised the masses that this device will change the whole mobile phone industry.

Apple released the original device, which required three years to make, if one counts the time the concept was created, to the device’s launch. On 29th June of the same month, Apple released the device to people who were, unexpectedly, waiting in lines outside stores. This kind of crowd behavior was unfamiliar when it came to people buying a consumer gadget. Nevertheless, this trend has since become a norm when it comes to the launches of Apple products.
Many people consider the iPod as the medium that raised Apple to the top position the company presently holds and has allowed the company to venture into the realm of mobile phones. However, the famous iPhone is what allows Apple to introduce devices such as the iPod touch and the ipad tablet to the people.
Since the day of its launch, the original iphone sold approximately 6.1 million units. This success can be greatly attributed to the facts that this device featured an elegant design, a custom built OS, a multi-touch display and gave people something they hadn’t experienced before. Thus, it can be said that the iPhone was the first indication of an era ruled by Apple Inc.Read More...


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